Jointed Case for Cigarettes

Case dimensions (W255mm×D344mm×H140mm)
(Stacking protrusion H143mm)
Case material Acrylic resin
Faces 4 faces / unit
Stored products per face 13 cigarette packs
Stackable steps Vertical: About 10 steps
Staircase-type: About 5 steps

* The product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Thus contact us before ordering.
* You can order one or more units.


  • Cases can be stacked vertically or like a staircase. Thus, you can add them to suit the number of cigarette packs and the layout.
  • Packs with even the 100S size can be stored.
  • With a CONSTON spring, the forward feed of cigarette packs can be automated.
  • The spring force is set up exclusively for cigarette packs, which can thus be softly fed forward.
  • The price card can be inserted into the front of the case.

Vertical stacking of two units (Packs of even the 100S size can be stored.)


Staircase-type stacking of two units (Shiftable by 25mm)

Carton display shelf (Acrylic resin)

(Option: sold separately) ​​​Dimensions: W 255 × D 311 mm; board thickness 3 mm


Security Silver Bell

(Option: sold separately)



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